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Gift Guide for the Yard and Garden

Have someone who loves growing a flourishing garden and verdant yard?  Here's a guide to perfect gifts for them this holiday.


Electric lawn tools.  Maintain your yard without wasting time maintaining your tools.  I've been using the Ryobi One+ system for the past 3 years and will never go back.  No trips to the gas station with a fuel canister in my trunk; no mixing oil and gas for a two cycle engine; no spark plugs to deal with...just throw in a battery and go.  Why Ryobi?  The One+ system has almost 200 tools and appliances that all take the same battery, I use them for lawn care, woodworking, and cleanup, all with out multiple chargers and battery types.

Christmas time is also the start of the spring planting season for gardeners starting from seed, and its the perfect time to get the outdoor beds ready for transplants.  With the right shade and water, Phoenix is a great place for backyard/porch garden that can produce nearly year-round.  Nothing beats a home-grown heirloom tomato...except maybe one that you can still pick off the vine in early December.

Canning and Preserving
It would be a shame to let all those garden products go to waste!  Just one jalapeno plant will produce more peppers than a family can reasonably eat in a season; a couple tomato plants will top your sandwiches and make you spaghetti sauce.  Canning, drying, and preserving will help you get the most out of your harvest.

Outdoor entertaining:
Because no one spends hours making their lawn and garden look perfect so they can NOT show it off.



Gaia x GTFO = Discounted GPS!


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