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The continuing saga with Arlo ads--email to SVP of Customer Care

Pardon me for reaching out directly to you, but I am growing tired of getting the runaround from customer support when they can even be bothered to provide a response.  I contacted Arlo customer support at least as long ago as April of this year; I contacted Arlo via Twitter in March.  I updated my Google Play review in early April.  I published this blog post on the same day:

For months, I have been receiving intrusive full-screen pop-up ads in my Arlo app trying to get me to use PayPal to pay my subscription.  This is an issue for me for several reasons:

1--there is no way to permanently dismiss this ad.  I have NEVER wanted to pay using PayPal, nor will I ever.  Despite that, I must endure this intrusive ad multiple times per month. 

2--I am already paying for Arlo's services and do not appreciate being served ads within a service I actively subscribe to and pay for.  On top of that, I have around $500 invested in Arlo hardware.  This ad may be acceptable in a free application, but it is entirely unacceptable in a service I am paying for. 

3--This ad could create safety issues.  Remember, Arlo is a SECURITY service.  There are times when quick access to the app/cameras is necessary.  For instance, I have been in my living room at night and heard an unexpected loud noise outside my front door.  When opening the app, instead of getting immediate access to my camera, I was served this full-screen ad.  Because I wasn't expecting it, it threw me off and took me longer to close than usual.  While we're talking about only a matter of a few seconds, had there been an intruder poised outside my door, those few seconds could have been the most important of my life.  Ultimately the source of the noise was undetermined--perhaps it was across the street but sounded close, perhaps it was in my front yard and had moved by the time my app opened.  But that unexpected sound outside won't always be "nothing."  The time added by this intrusive ad could be the difference between scaring off an intruder with the light/siren/speaker or not.

Thankfully I no longer use the Arlo baby camera because getting ads between me and checking on my child when an alert came through would have been even more infuriating.

I have been in communication with Arlo customer support about this issue for months.  There has been absolutely no progress whatsoever.  The closest thing to a solution I have received has been the speculation that it is some kind of bug causing these ads.  But bugs don't update their marketing images or terms and conditions.  This is clearly a deliberate decision on the part of Arlo to continuously serve full page ads to paying customers that make it more difficult for them to access their security camera.



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